Sunday, 25 December 2016

Happy Christmas

We would like to wish all our past, current and future guests, friends and staff a merry, merry Christmas.

This is our fourth season and this Year, and as with every year, we surprised our guests with a small gift from Santa. At breakfast our guests enjoyed some Bucks Fizz (Champagne and orange juice) and the staff joined in the fun, wearing their Santa Hats.

At lunchtime we closed the resort for 1 hour to celebrate Christmas with all our staff. We enjoyed lunch together and bought silly presents for each other.

Christmas is being with the ones you love, I hope you were able to do just that and we wish you peace and happiness for 2017.

Mellisa & Nick

Monday, 12 December 2016

Shhh it is a Secret!

I have lived on Koh Lanta for nearly 10 years now and every year I manage to find a new bar, restaurant or activity on the island that has remained undiscovered.
A Hidden Gem
3 days ago I was invited to a birthday party at Nong Cat. I had heard of this restaurant, but had never been and had no idea where it was. So off with some dodgy directions, Nick and I headed off.
Celebrating the 2 Tony's Birthdays
In the main town of Saladan, Nong Cat can be found down a small road next to Kontiki Dive Centre. It was built over 14 years ago and 5 years ago was converted from a house into a restaurant. Set in beautiful cool gardens, the bar offers a lovely secluded place to enjoy good company and a beer.
Tony celebrating his own birthday with their lovely staff
The owners are German and offer both Thai, German and Pizzas. Their head chef has over 20 years experience of cooking and working in Thailand and wow did it show! Everything we ate was delicious, the staff were welcoming and friendly and I left the restaurant with only one regret.......

I wish we had found it 5 years ago!

Good luck Kerstin and Paul for the season, hope to come for a beer and some Goulash real soon!


Friday, 9 December 2016

Manta Rays at Hin Daeng & Hin Muang!

Nick had some time off on Wednesday and decided to take his first trip to Hin Daeng & Hin Muang (Red Rock & Purple Rock). These dive sites are not for novices, so Nick, who qualified over 2 years ago (but doesn't have time to dive very often) decided to join one of our guests on the Scubafish boat, now he that has a few dives under his belt.

Nick, Jon and a Manta!
Hin Daeng and Hin Muang and the furthest dive sites, that the dive centres, here on Koh Lanta, go to. The dives are deep and can have strong currents, but are named after the beautiful hard and soft coral on them and popular with experienced divers. If you get a good day, Manta Rays and/or Whalesharks are here.
Nick, Jon and our guest with a Manta Ray
As a dive instructor for many years, I had to wait till I had completed over 200 dives to see my first Manta Ray in Australia. I only saw it briefly, but it was a beautiful moment I will never forget. I have seen many since that time, mainly in the Andaman Sea and have always been entranced as they glide past me.
Manta Rays are identified by their under markings
So it came as quite a shock that Nick called me from the boat, clearly delighted, reporting that he has not just seen one but 2 many times, on both dives he did at Hin Daeng/Muang. I have to admit to being a little jealous.

I hope the Manta Rays stay long enough for me to take a visit, meanwhile Nick is already looking forward to his first Whaleshark!

If you would like to learn to dive, or are already qualified, talk to us about which dives would be ideal for you.

High Season is here, the sun is shining and the diving is greaaattttt!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bad Weather? I think not!

We have had many customers query us recently about the weather in Koh Lanta.
Koh Haa yesterday!
Whilst we had rain for a few days last week, we have avoided the terrible weather that Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangnan, Nakon Si Thammarat etc have endured.
Klong Dao Beach today!
Be very careful with any forecasts your see on your mobile or laptop for Koh Lanta, as we are a small island, and it is often the case that much of the bad weather predicted passes us by or hits one beach but not the rest.

I can assure you I am hot and sweaty today!!!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Happy Birthday Dteng

This season we have 2 wonderful new staff members that I have not introduced you to, as it was Dteng's birthday yesterday, I took the opportunity of getting the staff together for a team photo.
Dteng, Kai 2, Kai 1, Tor, Sao, Deng, Ya

Tor is our new waitress and everyone universally agrees she has a smile that can melt even the hardest heart. Tor joined us just over a month ago and is a real asset to the team, as she also helps the house keeping team when they are busy.

Dteng is our new receptionist, brought in to help our Hotel Manager, Gin. Dteng is from Phuket and has already captured the hearts of some of our regulars. When she first arrived a few weeks ago, she was puzzled why Gin, Nick and I were always around to help her. Now we are in full High Season, I think she wishes we were more around!

I know these 2 ladies will be a real asset to our team this season and I hope for many seasons to come.

Oh and Happy Birthday Dteng!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Getting to the Island from the Airport

I am getting many people emailing me at the moment, who seem very confused about how to get to Koh Lanta:

Koh Lanta is an island in the province of Krabi, but Krabi Town and Airport are on the mainland. The Airport is closer to Koh Lanta than the town itself, but only by about 15minutes.

There are only 2 ways to reach the island:

- By Passenger Ferry
- By Car Ferry

The Passenger Ferry only runs 2 times a day, 8.30am and 1pm. It takes about 1.5 hours. You can book tickets for the passenger ferry at the airport, it should cost around 550 baht per person. They will transport you to the pier, just outside Krabi where you will meet the ferry.

The Car Ferry is located at Hua Hin (about 40 minutes from the airport), this runs continuously from 6am to 10pm. The journey is only about 15 minutes (depending on queues for the ferry) and takes you to Koh Lanta Noi. Koh Lanta is comprised of 2 islands; Koh Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai (the island we, and all hotels, are located). The two islands are now connected by a bridge to each other, so the journey from the ferry to the resort is about 30 minutes. So, at best, the journey should take 1.5 hours.

You can book a place on the public minibus at the airport, this costs 400 baht per person, the minibus runs every hour from 7am to 5pm. Please be WARNED, most of the tour agencies will first take you into Krabi (the wrong direction) and make you wait there for a minibus. I have had some guests who have taken over 4 hours to get to the resort from the airport, because of this reason and the many stops the driver will do on his way. I only recommend this, if you have plenty of time and don't have children.

You can also book a private taxi from the airport (or from me), for 2,500 baht they will bring you direct to the resort. This is the fastest way to get to the resort. Please be aware that some of the tour agencies at the airport will charge more for a private taxi after 5pm, because they will claim the driver cannot return the same night. As our driver is from the island we do not have this problem. I strongly recommend this option if there is 4 of you, you have children or you arrive late. If you would like to book this with me, I need to know, at least 24 hours before, your flight details. Please email me at

Please also note, that although the minibus takes a long time from Krabi Airport to here, it is usually the opposite from Koh Lanta! They will pick you up at the resort, then pick up more people around the island (usually takes 30 minutes) then they go straight to the airport (this is usually the first stop on the mainland). If your flight is during the day, this is the option we recommend to most people. We can book this for you.

If you are still not sure which of these options is best for you, please contact me directly;

Monday, 31 October 2016


The longer we have the resort, the more things we see here that we would like to update, upgrade or rebuild. However this leaves us with a dilemma of what to do with the old parts we have replaced.

Our old TVs have now found new homes
Over the last year we have made a number of improvements to the island, but we try to ensure we keep our waste to a minimum, here are some of those activities:

Our new TVs take up little space
Replacing our old fashioned poor quality big TV's with slimline new TV's in our Family Bungalows, Air Con Bungalows and Cozy Bungalows, left us with 17 TVs going to waste. However we were able to rehome these with people who could not afford the more expensive ones.

Our Old Bamboo Roofs were all beginning to leak

The new Roofs are much stronger and will last a long while
We have changed the roofs on our Cozy and Standard Fan Bungalows to much stronger and reliable roofs. This left us with many wooden poles which were good, but not strong enough to hold up the new roof. Our gardener made us a new beautiful fence for our Car Park from the remains and the left over roof was used to build a shelter for bikes.

New fencing made from old roof poles
New Bike Shelter made from old roofing

We replaced the shutters in the Cozy and Standard Fan Bungalows with mosquito netted windows. Some of the shutters were refashioned into tables for the Air Con Bungalows (something our guests had been asking for) and the rest were given to Lanta Paintball to use in their Combat Zone.

New Windows on Fan Rooms with Mosquito Netting
New Tables on Air Con Balconies, made from old shutters

Our Recycling area (where we keep all recyclable glass, cardboard, plastics and cans for collection) is 100% made from waste from the old roofs.

As an Eco Resort we think it is incredibly important that we contribute as little as possible to the rubbish on this beautiful island. I think most people would be surprised at the tiny amount of rubbish that is taken to the tip from this 24 bungalow resort.

Even the scraps from the kitchen are tiny, and that is not just because we make a great breakfast! The dogs get all the scraps from the breakfast and the old bread is taken by our chef to feed animals. Even the oil from the kitchen is collected for recycling.
Our animals are always happy to finish your breakfast for you!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Koh Lanta says Goodbye to King Rama 9

Yesterday, we were very honoured to be invited to, and get involved with the people of Koh Lanta's memorial to the King.

At 5pm, a group of local people designed the symbol of the number 9, representing the King, in the sand at Kaw Kwang Beach. it was hard work to get it finished before sunset, but with great determination they achieved it.

With candles placed throughout the design, as one of the darkest nights set in, the memorial came to life.

Bee said a dedication to the King, including the words in English, 'We may not be the best country in the world ,  but we had the best king!' This was followed by a beautiful and heartbreaking singing of the King's anthem and 9 minutes of silence.

Over 400 people, Thai and tourists attended, all wearing black or white, and I believe everyone was moved by this beautiful event

Something else will never forget and we are very thankful to have been invited to witness it.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Business as Usual

We thought it was important that we inform our guests of the current situation on Koh Lanta, since sadly, King Bhumibol Adulyadej died this week.

Obviously we are all saddened by his death and the Government has asked for a period of 30 days of quiet reflection.

Many international news agencies are reporting that effectively Thailand has shut down. This is, in fact, just not true, especially for Koh Lanta. To the average tourist, Koh Lanta will appear pretty much as normal, the hotels, bars, restaurants and shops are open as normal. Bars are required to shut at midnight and have been requested to have no parties and loud music during these 30 days.

The Thai Government and their Tourist Association, are asking tourists to respect how their people are feeling and do the following:

1. Refrain from lewd behaviour and dress respectively, especially in temples, palaces etc.
2. Respect that Thai people are in mourning and this is a difficult time for them, so refrain from asking questions about the King.

Apart from that, your holiday should run as normally, you can still drink beer, enjoy great food, go SCUBA diving and sunbathe on the beaches. If you are looking for a bit more action! then Thailand is not right for you for the next few weeks!

If you are unsure or concerned, please contact us directly for more up to date information.

The Mook Lanta Eco Resort Team

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Rest in Peace Your Highness

It is with great sadness, we announce the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand.

King Bhumibol Majesty's is a much loved king and the Thai people are very upset, for many considered him as a father figure and the majority of the population have never known any other King.

He is the world's longest serving monarch, coronated at 18 years old, he served as King for 70 years. After his education in Switzerland, he returned to Thailand and devoted himself to serving his people and developing projects that helped the poor. Because of his good work, the Thai population have come to worship him and he is seen as almost divine.

Officially Thailand is now in mourning for one year. There has also been a request that entertainment is curtailed for one month. However, for tourists, there will only be a small impact, bars and restaurants are still open but entertainment venues may be stopped for a short time.

Please be aware that this is a difficult time for most Thai people, we recommend the following if you are coming to Thailand:

1. Refrain from discussing the King and the monarchy in general.
2. Ensure you are appropriately dressed, especially in temples, royal residences and government offices.
3. Follow the news and the advice of local authorities.

God Bless The King

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Someone turned the lights on!

Well we normally say High Season starts on the 1st October, whilst many others will say late October or beginning of November. This year we were all wrong, it started with a big bang on the 31st September.
Air Con Bungalow - Mook Lanta Eco Resort
With beautiful sunshine, tourists began arriving to the island and the hotels and resorts are filling up! It took us all by surprise, because normally the season starts slowly gradually building throughout October and November, and we have all been enjoying the relaxing Green Season.

November is already looking good, the end of December is nearly full and January and February are looking very busy, so please don't wait till you arrive to find accommodation, please look to book now, to ensure you are not disappointed.

Don't forget that as well as Mook Lanta Eco Resort, we now have a villa to rent in Old Town, Lanta New House, as this has only been added to the market in the last couple of weeks, we still have availability.
Lanta New House

Wishing every other business on Lanta a great High Season and we hope to see lots of lovely tourists throughout the next 6 months.

Mellisa & Nick

Sunday, 25 September 2016

May's Kitchen

May, the owner of May's Kitchen 

One of our most favourite restaurants on Koh Lanta, is May's Kitchen. Situated in the same village as our resort,  Phra Ae, it is only a 10 minute walk from us.

The restaurant specialises in traditional Thai food and delicious BBQ. Our favourite Thai dishes are:

- Pad kra pow gai (minced chicken with garlic, chilli and basil)
- Penang nua, (beef penang)
- Nua todd (deep fried beef)
- Som tam  (spicy Thai mango salad)
- Laab bplaa (spicy Thai salad with deep fried white fish).
Som tam & Pad kra pow gai

For those interested in the BBQ,  we thoroughly recommend the chicken  (cooked to perfection) or the ribs (which literally fall off the bone), which come with a jacket potato and coleslaw.

Not sure what to have? Worried how spicy the dish is? Ask one of their staff, most of whom, speak great English and are only too willing to help.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Win 7 Nights Free in an Air Con Bungalow and support MacMillan Cancer Trust

We are working with Becky Brooks and Beverley Irwin to help them raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Trust.
World's Biggest Coffee Morning

MacMillan Cancer Trust yearly have a Coffee Morning event, where many people all over the UK have a coffee morning at their home or workplace and people donate cakes, time etc to be raffled to raise money for the MacMillan Cancer Trust. This year they are planning their biggest ever event.

Many of us have been touched by a loved one or ourselves having cancer and the MacMillan Trust provide practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care. The MacMillan nurses are well known and well loved for the support they give patients and their families during this difficult time.
Becky and her wonderful Grandma, Dorothy

Sadly, Becky and her family have recently had a dear loved one, her grandmother Dorothy Brooks, succumb to this disease and this has driven Becky to ensure her grandmother leaves a great legacy for others. It is Becky's story that has inspired and touched us to support her Coffee Morning.

You can buy a raffle ticket in order to win this prize (please contact us if you wish to do so) or you can donate to Becky's, Just Giving Page  and if you live in the UK, you can text "DMBX50 £3" to 70070 to donate £3 to her 'Just Giving' coffee morning page.

If you win, you will receive 7 days Accommodation, in our Air Conditioned Bungalow, with breakfast included, at any time of the year (providing we have availability), if you book anytime in 2017. Please note this does not include flights and transfers. If you are thinking of coming, what have you got to lose?

Please help us support this wonderful event and help the MacMillan Cancer Trust

Mellisa & Nick

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Stay over the Sea

We, at Mook Lanta Eco Resort, are proud to announce that we have now increased our accommodation options for you, on Koh Lanta.

We are now managing the rental of Lanta New House, a beautifully reconstructed fisherman's cottage, set over the stunning Andaman Sea.

With 2 air conditioned bedrooms,  stunning vistas and a free kayak and motorbike for use. This is a great option for a family, a romantic couple or good friends.

Contact us or mellisa@lantanewhouse.come for more info and check out the website