Monday, 31 October 2016


The longer we have the resort, the more things we see here that we would like to update, upgrade or rebuild. However this leaves us with a dilemma of what to do with the old parts we have replaced.

Our old TVs have now found new homes
Over the last year we have made a number of improvements to the island, but we try to ensure we keep our waste to a minimum, here are some of those activities:

Our new TVs take up little space
Replacing our old fashioned poor quality big TV's with slimline new TV's in our Family Bungalows, Air Con Bungalows and Cozy Bungalows, left us with 17 TVs going to waste. However we were able to rehome these with people who could not afford the more expensive ones.

Our Old Bamboo Roofs were all beginning to leak

The new Roofs are much stronger and will last a long while
We have changed the roofs on our Cozy and Standard Fan Bungalows to much stronger and reliable roofs. This left us with many wooden poles which were good, but not strong enough to hold up the new roof. Our gardener made us a new beautiful fence for our Car Park from the remains and the left over roof was used to build a shelter for bikes.

New fencing made from old roof poles
New Bike Shelter made from old roofing

We replaced the shutters in the Cozy and Standard Fan Bungalows with mosquito netted windows. Some of the shutters were refashioned into tables for the Air Con Bungalows (something our guests had been asking for) and the rest were given to Lanta Paintball to use in their Combat Zone.

New Windows on Fan Rooms with Mosquito Netting
New Tables on Air Con Balconies, made from old shutters

Our Recycling area (where we keep all recyclable glass, cardboard, plastics and cans for collection) is 100% made from waste from the old roofs.

As an Eco Resort we think it is incredibly important that we contribute as little as possible to the rubbish on this beautiful island. I think most people would be surprised at the tiny amount of rubbish that is taken to the tip from this 24 bungalow resort.

Even the scraps from the kitchen are tiny, and that is not just because we make a great breakfast! The dogs get all the scraps from the breakfast and the old bread is taken by our chef to feed animals. Even the oil from the kitchen is collected for recycling.
Our animals are always happy to finish your breakfast for you!

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