Wednesday, 28 November 2018

A Very Sad Goodbye but a Big Welcome!

Change is afoot at Mook Lanta Eco Resort.

A Sad Goodbye to Leigh
Leigh, who has been helping us out as our breakfast waitress is set to leave us tomorrow. Leigh has only worked with us for a short time, but she is well loved by all our staff and guests and we are really sad to see her go.

A Happy Hello to Tus
Over the last week, Leigh has been busily training her replacement, Tus. Tus has great English and whilst struggling a little with our ordering system at first is a very big welcome to the team. Unlike Leigh, Tus will be working with us for the whole day, so not only will he be our waiter but he will also help our busy reception with guest check ins. We are so pleased to have Tus and want to thank Leigh for training him so well.

The Sausage & Egg Mook Muffin is now an inclusive option
We have also changed the Breakfast menu, so that there is a much greater choice for the inclusive breakfast. Now as well as the English, Continental and Healthy Breakfasts, there will also be 3 of our very popular Mook Muffins too! We know this will be very popular with our guests, especially if they need a breakfast to take away.
The Healthy Option is still available
Our Breakfast is available to not only our own guests but also outside guests too from 7am to 3.30pm

So you know where to come for a Great British Breakfast.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Meet the Boss!

Gin, The Boss at our resort
So I have not written in a while and I was wondering what to write, when last night happened.....

Last night was the clearest indication that High Season has well and truly arrived because between 4 and 8pm last night the reception and bar were really busy and all 3 of us working, were exhausted by the time we closed!

Luckily for me, it was a day that Gin was in.
Gin giving gifts to the kids on Children's Day
Gin, is our Business Partner, our Hotel Manager and our friend. We laugh, we argue and we occasionally pick on my husband together. I have known this lovely lady for over 10 years and met her when she was working in someone else's dive shop and I realised she was talented and I wanted her to work for me.

When I bought my own  dive centre, the first thing I did was offer her a job and it was the best decision I made. She is smart, sassy and one tough cookie.

When we opened Mook Lanta Eco Resort, we needed a Thai Business Partner and she was the only person I wanted to join our team. My husband had never met her, but when she came to work with us he realised why I wanted her. She compliments our team very well, I am the logistics, finance and marketing, Nick is food and drinks expert and Gin is our legal advisor, Thai intermediary and fixer (you need something or someone and she finds it).

This will be Gin's 6th year working with us a Mook Lanta Eco Resort and I hope there are many many more.

Thank you Gin xxx

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Win a Free Night's Accommodation at Mook Lanta Eco Resort

Win a night's free accommodation at Mook Lanta Eco Resort in Koh Lanta! Just post a photo of you 'living the dream' on Instagram and tag MookLantaEco in it and use the hashtag #livingthedreammooklanta. You have a week to post, it can be you enjoying life in Thailand, at home with your loved ones, or even ironic/funny (maybe you putting the bins out at home in the snow). Use your imagination!

Me working yesterday on the Beach #livingthedreammooklanta
Rules are simple:
- Enter as many times as you like.
- You must tag MookLanta Eco in the picture
- You must use the hashtag #livingthedreammooklanta
- Winner will be announced next Sunday, 18th November 2018
- Prize is Bed & Breakfast, for 2, at any time, (subject to availability) in one of our Air Con Bungalows.
- Photos will only be considered if they are posted to Instagram.

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Wow what a start to the Diving Season!

Koh Haa (5 Islands)
Koh Lanta Marine Park officially opened on the 15th October. The Marine Park covers many islands great for snorkelling and diving around Koh Lanta (Koh Rok, Koh Haa, Koh Muk and Hin Daeng/Muang (Red/Purple Rock).
Whalesharks, the gentle giants of the sea!
I was lucky enough to be invited to join the clean up at Koh Haa, the day before it opened and was so pleased to see that there was very little rubbish (unlike Koh Rok which required the Marine Park to return the next day to carry all the rubbish off the island).
You can even see snorkel with a whaleshark
On the 16th October, the first Whaleshark was seen as Koh Haa. In the 2 weeks following, there have been numerous sightings of both Whalesharks and Manta Rays at Koh Haa and Hin Daeng/Muang.

Inside one of the caves of Koh Haa
Koh Haa is an excellent site for both snorkellers and divers of every level, with swimming pool-like conditions and caverns, caves and swimthroughs for the more experienced. Indeed it is also a popular location for freediving too, with depths up to 40 metres.
Manta Ray at Hin Daeng
Hin Daeng/Muang are for experienced Scuba divers only, but is a stunning location to see Manta Rays swimming between the rocks.

 If you are wanting to Scuba dive or snorkel whilst you are in Koh Lanta, we can help advise with the best trip for you.