Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday

May 2nd 2015, sees Nick, Gin and I celebrating 2 years in Mook Lanta Eco Resort. It has been a marvellous 2 years and much has changed:

1. Moved from position 47 to 15 in 6 months.
2. Changed to an environmentally friendly resort, oh and changed our name.
3. Have managed to recruit a fabulous Thai team.
4. Worked with the local expat and Thai community to make Lanta even more special that is already is.
5. Become infamous for our breakfast and Western food products.
6. I have learnt to cook a breakfast or 7!!

We, and our team, have worked really hard, but we would not change a thing.

To reward the team, Nick and I are taking our team out on a private boat to enjoy a well deserved day off.

Thanks guys


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Love Lanta, help us keep it clean

Plastic bottles are a real problem here in Thailand and so we have joined forces with other businesses on the island and have created the reusable bottles.

These bottles are only 200 baht and you can get them filled up for free in over 40 locations on the island!

Every little bit helps!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Our Guests enjoying Thai New Year

We took our guests on the truck today, so that they could experience the Songkran (Thai New Year).

Oh and they are supporting the island's No Coal protest too!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sabaidee Pee Mai (Happy New Year Thailand)

Today, 13th April 2014, is New Year in Thailand.

Traditionally this is celebrated with pouring water over your friends and family as a blessing. This has developped into the largest water fight in the world.

Songkran is fun for all the family and celebrated by Thai's and foreigners with gusto. The place to be on this day, is on the streets (not the beach) where people will drive by with their cars laden with people and water.

The bars all have plenty of water (sometimes with ice) to share and the music is pumping all over the streets.

If you don't want to get wet, stay indoors!!

Usually starts about midday and should end when the sunsets.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Adam Butler signs our Petition 1st

Lanta is a beautiful island but its eco system is currently under threat because of a proposed Coal plant. Help us stop this!

The coal for this plant is being transported from Indonesia via the Andaman Sea to a seaport near  Koh Lanta, where it will be moved onto barges that can carry it to shallower waters in Klong Thom, where the Electricity Plant is going to be.
Coal is a ‘dirty’ fossil fuel and has in the past/will pose in the future significant health and environmental risks to the area surrounding the power plant.
To Koh Lanta, the damage will be caused by the transportation and transference, of the coal, to other boats at sea. As previously seen elsewhere in the world, there will be significant damage to our delicate aquatic ecosystem surrounding the island and obviously our beautiful beaches will be tarnished.
We need the tourists here this year, to help us protect this island for future tourists and to protect the local economy for the Thai people.
What can you do?
1.Fill out a one  page  questionnaire
2.Sign our ‘No to Coal’ Poster in reception (Your name & Your Nationality)
3.Show your support by posting a photo of you and your family with our ‘Say No to Coal’ on the ‘No Coal- Lanta! Facebook page or upload your photo to Twitter @NoCoalLanta, or email it to us (and we will do the rest): info@mooklanta,com
There will be a prize for the most imaginative picture

Monday, 6 April 2015

Can we have Songkran early this year?

Songkran, Thai New Year, happens on April 13th and as far as we are all concerned it cannot happen quick enough.

Koh Lanta is hot, hot, hot and Songkran is traditionally celebrated by throwing water over each other. There is nothing we would like more than to be dancing to music on the streets of Lanta, throwing water over each other.

Can we not celebrate it every week?