Thursday, 10 May 2018

Children of the Forest on Koh Lanta

One of the many reasons that I love Koh Lanta is that the island can demonstrate such a wonderful heart and sense of community. If you live on Lanta for any length of time you know that there are 2 charities that the community strongly and passionately support; Lanta Animal Welfare and Children of the Forest.

Children of the Forest is a charity that looks after Mon/Karen children from the Thai/Burmese border who have been abandoned, abused or orphaned. They provide health care, education and love to these kids. Every year they bring around 50 children to Koh Lanta, so the kids can experience their first ever holiday, on the beach.
It is a long journey
The journey is grueling and take 2 days and is 1,100km long. The kids take turns to sleep and watch their first journey into the south of Thailand. Once they arrive they are welcomed by Andaman Sunflower, who give them the whole resort for 10 days.
Andaman Sunflower their home for 10 days
Throughout their stay on Koh Lanta they want for nothing. Many, many businesses not only give their time and their location for free they also:

1. Time for Lime - Cookery classes & time on the beach with beach toys
2. Laguna Beach Club - Their wonderful pool for the kids to play in
3, Kandi Lounge - A BBQ and use of their table football and pool table
4. Global Local - Free dinner
5. Lanta Animal Welfare - Time with the animals and education on taking care of animals
6. Scubafish - Trip to Koh Haa for snorkelling
7. Svenska Skolan Thailand - Games with their Swedish students
8. Irie Bar - Disco
9. Sai Thai Cookery School & Sandy - Lunch at Andaman Sunflower
10. Greek Taverna - Lunch
11. 2 Scoops - Free gelato
12. Lanta Waterpark - Free play time in their park

But it did not just stop with these businesses, many other businesses contributed to these events, hotels provided unwanted beach toys and tourists who come every year, helped fund the holiday.

These children have had a difficult start to life and it is a real testament to the community of Koh Lanta as to how welcomed these children are. If you wish to discover more about this wonderful charity or donate please click here; Children of the Forest.