Sunday, 13 August 2017

Best and Cheapest!

It is a phrase we hate to hear, 'Where is the best and cheapest food on the island?' Normally we try to delicately put that if it is the best it is very unlikely to be the cheapest.

Last night, however, we were proved wrong....

Kandi Lounge is known for it's enormous dinners and yesterday's Sunday Roast topped it all. For only 195 baht, I had the largest Sunday roast I have ever had. Lashings of vegetables, potatoes, yorkshire puddings and of course gravy and chicken. There was so much, there was barely room for the gravy to be added!

It was so large that I only ate a small proportion of it, but luckily for me, Mark put the rest in a take away box and I shall be eating the rest today (and maybe tomorrow).

If you are hungry, there is only one place to go.... Kandi Lounge.