Sunday, 14 June 2020

We have not been wasting time!

 Since the end of March, Mook Lanta Eco Resort has had to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic facing the world.

The island locked down for just over a month to protect the local population and I am pleased to say that we had just a few people contract the disease, all of whom survived and the island has not had any cases in well over a month.

Total Cases in the Krabi Region
(Koh Lanta is part of the Krabi Region)
Thailand itself has had very few cases and hashad no local transmission cases for a month (the only cases currently are returning Thai people in the mandatory 14 day quarantine accommodation).

The island is slowly opening up but with the vastly reduced visitors to the island, Mook Lanta Eco Resort is not expecting to open up until August.

But we have not been wasting our time, and have been using our closure to fast forward some of our Green Season projects:

Our New Key Rings from Gin
For Christmas, we were gifted some beautiful new key rings for the business, these keyrings have the new room numbers for the 'G' and "J' rooms (as these names caused confusion with our multinational guests). Mellisa created the new rooms signs to match these.

New Signs for the 'A' Rooms (was 'G' Rooms)
Mellisa also redid some of the signs and Ya concreted the J room (now the S room) walkway.

New Signs & New Path for the 'S' Rooms
(was 'J' Rooms)
Ya completed the new insides of all the S Rooms.

Ya and Sao have replaced the roofs of 3 of the G rooms (now A rooms) and we plan to change upto 6 more this year.
Ya replacing the roof of A2 (was G2)
All we need now, is lots of our lovely guests to return.... See you soon!