Sunday, 30 July 2017

Thank you!

Last week, we held a bring and buy sale for the animals of Koh Lanta.

We were given, many clothes, sheets and items that people no longer wanted but felt someone else could find use for.

We also donated 15% of the bar takings that night for Lanta Animal Welfare, everyone did love 'drinking for a good cause!'

We raised in total 6,240 baht, 4,640 baht to directly help a dog suffering from Diabetes and the rest to go to Lanta Animal Welfare to keep up their great work.

All the goods left at the end of the sale, were donated to Lanta Animal Welfare for pet bedding.

We would like to thank everyone who came and donated.

Mellisa & Nick

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A new addition to Lanta

Isn't it annoying when all your favourite places shut on the same night! What are we meant to do then? Go home and talk to the husband!!

Luckily a friend recommended that we try a new bar, called Joker Bar, that is handily located right next to the wonderful May's Kitchen.

Owned by the charming Chad, the bar has that lovely Thai beach bar feel, with great music and a delicious mojitos. Chad proudly told us how the bar had been decorated and built from rubbish from the beach.

Chad originally had a bar in Phi Phi but was attracted to Lanta because of the more relaxed vibe.

I love his tagline, 'I open when I wake up, and close when you can drink no more!'

We wish him every success for the future.

Check it out, next time you are here.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Thank you!

I just love people who don't just want the world to change, they want to change it themselves.

I am sure you all know about the amount of plastic in the oceans, and every year in the Green Season we see the problem ourselves.

As the wind and waves change with the change of seasons, rubbish from all over the world is dumped on our beaches. At the end of the season, much of the rubbish will wash back into the sea, but obviously we would all rather is was taken out of the sea altogether.

Well we are lucky enough to have TrashHero on the island and every Sunday they host a beach clean up, and everyone is welcome.

But 2 of our lovely guests could not wait to Sunday and asked us for some bags and went to the beach and picked it up themselves. They bought it back to the staff, so that they could recycle what they could.
Thank you Laura Hughes and William Hatfield, both from the USA.

Mellisa & Nick

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Chemical Free Mosquito Repellants

Every year we try to come up with a new eco project. Last year it was up-cycling and this was not only a great way to reuse our waste from the resort, but also fun to do and provided some useful new things around the resort:
New Screens for the Cozy Bamboo Bungalows
- Tables on the balconies for the air con and family bungalows
- Shelves for the bathrooms
- Roof for the bike shed
- Walls for the recycling area
- Fence for the Standard Fan Area
- Screens for the Cozy Fan Bamboo Bungalows.
New Bike Shed
All these things were made up from broken or outdated items that could have just ended up in the trash.
New Tables for the Air Conditioned Balconies
This year we have been investigating providing chemical free mosquito repellents for the rooms. Did you know that there are many plants that Mosquitoes do not like and just adding a little garden pot to each balcony can reduce them (well that is the theory).
New Plants for the Balconies
So 2 days ago, we started to grow, from seed, some of the plants we are looking to incorporate into plant pots on, firstly the Standard Fan Bamboo Bungalows, and if it is successful, all around the resort. We are currently growing, Coriander, Basil and Marigolds. But I am still trying to find Citronella, Lavender and Rosemary. We think that not only will it repel the mosquitoes, but it will look pretty and smell wonderful.