Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Thank you!

I just love people who don't just want the world to change, they want to change it themselves.

I am sure you all know about the amount of plastic in the oceans, and every year in the Green Season we see the problem ourselves.

As the wind and waves change with the change of seasons, rubbish from all over the world is dumped on our beaches. At the end of the season, much of the rubbish will wash back into the sea, but obviously we would all rather is was taken out of the sea altogether.

Well we are lucky enough to have TrashHero on the island and every Sunday they host a beach clean up, and everyone is welcome.

But 2 of our lovely guests could not wait to Sunday and asked us for some bags and went to the beach and picked it up themselves. They bought it back to the staff, so that they could recycle what they could.
Thank you Laura Hughes and William Hatfield, both from the USA.

Mellisa & Nick

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