Tuesday, 20 June 2017

May's Kitchen, not just a fabulous Thai Restaurant

May's Kitchen is one of our most favourite restaurants, but not just because of the great food and company. May has a big heart and yesterday her heart was broken.

May went to the beach with her family and her beautiful baby grand daughter and was devastated to see that she was playing not with shells but plastic.

It happens every green season, as the seas change rubbish from the seas gets washed up onto our shores here on Lanta, if we waited until high season, most of it would go back, but the good people of Lanta do not want to gift the world this rubbish and so many, like May, choose to clean the beaches for the good of Lanta and the rest of the world.

May and her team picked up 68 bags of rubbish in just over 1 hour, she also rang the Orbotor (the Mayor of the island) and gave him a good talking to too!

She transformed 120 metres of Long Beach and ensured that her grand daughter could find shells again on the beach.

Love you May xxx

Thursday, 15 June 2017

High Season has come early!

Time to get your bikini on and hop over to Koh Lanta. The rain appears to have stopped and we have beautiful blue skies.

The best news is that at this time of year you are saving over 50% on our high season prices (always book direct with us for the best prices).