Thursday, 28 September 2017

The King's Funeral in October

It is coming up, quite regularly in forums, that people are concerned about the impact of the King's Funeral on their holiday in October.

For those that are unaware, the King of Thailand was highly revered in Thailand and his death, many Thai's commented to me, was like they had lost their own father. He is the longest serving monarch and almost all Thais have never experienced any other monarch. So please be aware that for many Thai people, this is a very poignant and sad time.

Please be very respectful of the Thai people's feelings and please avoid asking questions regarding the old and new king. It is easy to offend Thai people in this regard and Lese Majeste (a law prohibiting perceived negative comments and actions) is still enforced here.

Especially in the towns and cities, be respectful with your clothing, at religious venues (as always) and near Royal buildings, wear sober and respectable clothing (cover shoulders and long trousers/skirts).

The plans and what is/is not allowed are changing constantly, but be aware that at most holiday beach destinations there will probably be a lot more lax observance of this period. I fully expect Bangkok to be insanely busy over this period, all the Thai airlines are massively increasing their flights in and out of Bangkok, to accommodate the amount of Thais wanting to be at the funeral. So if you want to get out of the crowds and not experience this historic event, then I would be planning your exit from Bangkok soon (I expect flights to increase in price).

I have just heard today, that the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan is cancelled in October, which is not a surprise, I expect most extravagant parties in Thailand will be cancelled or significantly toned down in respect of the king. Many may still go ahead, but over the funeral week, starting on the 21st October, we believe that all parties and shows will be stopped.

For sure there will be alcohol free days, especially on the 26th October 2017. However, often large hotels are exempt from some of these days and there are always 'mom and pop' shops willing to sell alcohol (7/11 will not).

I think all over Thailand you should expect to see many Thai's wearing black or white as a sign of respect, but as I previously stated, outside of main towns and cities, you should still be able to enjoy your holiday with only minimum impact.

Finally this is a historic event and it does deeply impact many Thai people. Please be aware of this and act appropriately.

Below are 2 videos we made of our islands dedication to the king on his passing. The second one has a speech (in Thai and English) and then the National Anthem, very beautiful to listen to.


Koh Lanta is getting ready for High Season!

The end of September is always an exciting time on the island, as dive instructors are returning, businesses are refurbishing and new businesses are opening:
Open in less than 2 weeks!
Almost all the staff are back at Andaman Dive Adventures and they are busy finishing their brand new shop.

Great new bar for the island
Harry's Steakhouse & Sport's Bar has opened in Klong Dao, a non smoking, air conditioned bar with many large screens for the sport as well as shuffle board, pool and a stage for regular live band nights.

New location, 1st online delivery service 
Bayen Pizzeria has moved locations but has also become the first online delivery service on the island.

New Beer Garden
Lanta Paintball and bouldering Cafe, has a new beer garden, draft beer and a brand new sign!

New Kitty City & Cafe
Lanta Animal Welfare are completing their Kitty City and we are proud to sponsor this new area, which will also house a Kitty Cafe, where you will be able to enjoy a coffee and cuddle a Kitty at the same time.

New Italian Restaurant 
Sole Mare will open again at the end of October, which pleases Nick as he loves their pizzas.

A new waterpark and putting green
Lanta Haven has recently just opened the first waterpark on the island with a small putting green.

For more information on these businesses, click on the photo to be taken to their Web site.

The island is ready for high season, are you? Book now to avoid disappointment!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

New Season, New Mook Lanta!

Every low season, we take a look at Mook Lanta Eco Resort, listen to what our guests have told us and set about making the next high season better.

This year is no different:

We have introduced fridges into all our rooms, even our budget rooms, so that guests can store and chill food and drinks.
All our Standard Fan Bamboo Bungalows now have fridges

We are updating the menu:

1. New breakfast options for Vegetarians and Vegans
2. Improved Continental breakfast
3. Healthier lunch menu for meat eaters and vegans/vegetarians
4. Evening sharing platters and specials (until 7pm).
New Menu on its way!

We are also offering to ensure your fridge is full, of the drinks you like, before you arrive and providing lunch in the rooms.

So if you have any special requirements or help before you get to us, please email us for a swift response!

Look forward to meeting new and repeat customers this high season.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mook Lanta Eco Resort and Lanta Animal Welfare are famous in Germany

Today, Nils and Juliana told us we are on a very famous blog by Modern Gypsy.

A lovely couple visited us in 2016, made a video of us, the island and Lanta Animal Welfare and never told us.

But now we have this wonderful video and would like to share it with you.

Thank you Modern Gypsy, Nils and Juliana!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

New this season....

There is a lot going on, on the island right now, we have been busy with guests, the road down the island is being upgraded, Andaman Dive Adventures are building a brand new dive shop and today on our way to Old Town for lunch we discovered Lanta Haven.
Easy to find on the road to Old Town 

When I say discover, we could not have missed it, a lovely restaurant overlooking a big waterpark. We had to stop and investigate.
Loads of inflatables in shallow water 

The kids were having a great time 

We met the owner, Sep, who told us he only opened this week and had more things to complete but kids were already queuing up to play.
Staff always supervising the kids
Safety rules and life jackets available 

Nick and I were tempted to have a go ourselves, it looked great fun and the kids were all being supervised by staff. Safety did appear to be a priority, well that and fun!
9 hole mini golf 

They are also just finishing 9 hole mini hole golf course at the front. But we weren't the only ones to find it today.....
The kids were loving the water the mums the shade