Saturday, 2 September 2017

New this season....

There is a lot going on, on the island right now, we have been busy with guests, the road down the island is being upgraded, Andaman Dive Adventures are building a brand new dive shop and today on our way to Old Town for lunch we discovered Lanta Haven.
Easy to find on the road to Old Town 

When I say discover, we could not have missed it, a lovely restaurant overlooking a big waterpark. We had to stop and investigate.
Loads of inflatables in shallow water 

The kids were having a great time 

We met the owner, Sep, who told us he only opened this week and had more things to complete but kids were already queuing up to play.
Staff always supervising the kids
Safety rules and life jackets available 

Nick and I were tempted to have a go ourselves, it looked great fun and the kids were all being supervised by staff. Safety did appear to be a priority, well that and fun!
9 hole mini golf 

They are also just finishing 9 hole mini hole golf course at the front. But we weren't the only ones to find it today.....
The kids were loving the water the mums the shade

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