Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lanta is a beautiful island but its eco system is currently under threat because of a proposed Coal plant. Help us stop this!

The coal for this plant is being transported from Indonesia via the Andaman Sea to a seaport near  Koh Lanta, where it will be moved onto barges that can carry it to shallower waters in Klong Thom, where the Electricity Plant is going to be.
Coal is a ‘dirty’ fossil fuel and has in the past/will pose in the future significant health and environmental risks to the area surrounding the power plant.
To Koh Lanta, the damage will be caused by the transportation and transference, of the coal, to other boats at sea. As previously seen elsewhere in the world, there will be significant damage to our delicate aquatic ecosystem surrounding the island and obviously our beautiful beaches will be tarnished.
We need the tourists here this year, to help us protect this island for future tourists and to protect the local economy for the Thai people.
What can you do?
1.Fill out a one  page  questionnaire
2.Sign our ‘No to Coal’ Poster in reception (Your name & Your Nationality)
3.Show your support by posting a photo of you and your family with our ‘Say No to Coal’ on the ‘No Coal- Lanta! Facebook page or upload your photo to Twitter @NoCoalLanta, or email it to us (and we will do the rest): info@mooklanta,com
There will be a prize for the most imaginative picture

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