Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday

May 2nd 2015, sees Nick, Gin and I celebrating 2 years in Mook Lanta Eco Resort. It has been a marvellous 2 years and much has changed:

1. Moved from position 47 to 15 in 6 months.
2. Changed to an environmentally friendly resort, oh and changed our name.
3. Have managed to recruit a fabulous Thai team.
4. Worked with the local expat and Thai community to make Lanta even more special that is already is.
5. Become infamous for our breakfast and Western food products.
6. I have learnt to cook a breakfast or 7!!

We, and our team, have worked really hard, but we would not change a thing.

To reward the team, Nick and I are taking our team out on a private boat to enjoy a well deserved day off.

Thanks guys


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