Sunday, 2 October 2016

Someone turned the lights on!

Well we normally say High Season starts on the 1st October, whilst many others will say late October or beginning of November. This year we were all wrong, it started with a big bang on the 31st September.
Air Con Bungalow - Mook Lanta Eco Resort
With beautiful sunshine, tourists began arriving to the island and the hotels and resorts are filling up! It took us all by surprise, because normally the season starts slowly gradually building throughout October and November, and we have all been enjoying the relaxing Green Season.

November is already looking good, the end of December is nearly full and January and February are looking very busy, so please don't wait till you arrive to find accommodation, please look to book now, to ensure you are not disappointed.

Don't forget that as well as Mook Lanta Eco Resort, we now have a villa to rent in Old Town, Lanta New House, as this has only been added to the market in the last couple of weeks, we still have availability.
Lanta New House

Wishing every other business on Lanta a great High Season and we hope to see lots of lovely tourists throughout the next 6 months.

Mellisa & Nick

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