Sunday, 25 September 2016

May's Kitchen

May, the owner of May's Kitchen 

One of our most favourite restaurants on Koh Lanta, is May's Kitchen. Situated in the same village as our resort,  Phra Ae, it is only a 10 minute walk from us.

The restaurant specialises in traditional Thai food and delicious BBQ. Our favourite Thai dishes are:

- Pad kra pow gai (minced chicken with garlic, chilli and basil)
- Penang nua, (beef penang)
- Nua todd (deep fried beef)
- Som tam  (spicy Thai mango salad)
- Laab bplaa (spicy Thai salad with deep fried white fish).
Som tam & Pad kra pow gai

For those interested in the BBQ,  we thoroughly recommend the chicken  (cooked to perfection) or the ribs (which literally fall off the bone), which come with a jacket potato and coleslaw.

Not sure what to have? Worried how spicy the dish is? Ask one of their staff, most of whom, speak great English and are only too willing to help.

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