Friday, 28 October 2016

Koh Lanta says Goodbye to King Rama 9

Yesterday, we were very honoured to be invited to, and get involved with the people of Koh Lanta's memorial to the King.

At 5pm, a group of local people designed the symbol of the number 9, representing the King, in the sand at Kaw Kwang Beach. it was hard work to get it finished before sunset, but with great determination they achieved it.

With candles placed throughout the design, as one of the darkest nights set in, the memorial came to life.

Bee said a dedication to the King, including the words in English, 'We may not be the best country in the world ,  but we had the best king!' This was followed by a beautiful and heartbreaking singing of the King's anthem and 9 minutes of silence.

Over 400 people, Thai and tourists attended, all wearing black or white, and I believe everyone was moved by this beautiful event

Something else will never forget and we are very thankful to have been invited to witness it.

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