Friday, 18 November 2016

Happy Birthday Dteng

This season we have 2 wonderful new staff members that I have not introduced you to, as it was Dteng's birthday yesterday, I took the opportunity of getting the staff together for a team photo.
Dteng, Kai 2, Kai 1, Tor, Sao, Deng, Ya

Tor is our new waitress and everyone universally agrees she has a smile that can melt even the hardest heart. Tor joined us just over a month ago and is a real asset to the team, as she also helps the house keeping team when they are busy.

Dteng is our new receptionist, brought in to help our Hotel Manager, Gin. Dteng is from Phuket and has already captured the hearts of some of our regulars. When she first arrived a few weeks ago, she was puzzled why Gin, Nick and I were always around to help her. Now we are in full High Season, I think she wishes we were more around!

I know these 2 ladies will be a real asset to our team this season and I hope for many seasons to come.

Oh and Happy Birthday Dteng!

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