Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Kayaking in the Mangroves

After a blistering hot day, some of the group danced in the short rain shower

We were lucky enough to receive a booking of 20 Americans, who were part of a wedding party, this week. They had 11 rooms (of all types), which had been organised by Sara, the bride.
Emerald Cave
The day after they arrived, Sara had organised a 4 island Tours, which takes in Emerald Cave (who some believe is the real inspiration behind the film, 'The Beach.' They loved this tour and wanted to do another, but having only 1 day left, wanted to spend some time exploring the island.
Traditional Thai Longtail

I recommended the 3 Island and Kayaking tour with Lanta Kayaking. We spoke to Lanta Kayaking and the lady there gave them a great rate for a private tour for 12.
Monkey enjoying some melon
They were picked up at 8:30 and went by longtail boat from Tungyeepeng Pier to the mangrove forests. They stopped at Talabeng island and then Koh Kum for some swimming. Next onto to Koh Ung to enjoy the beach there and then explored Talabeng Cave by Kayak.
The Monkeys love entertaining the tourists

But the bit they enjoyed the most was the stop at Monkey point, where they saw many monkeys, young and old. Many were throwing themselves into the water to get to the longtail, whilst others swam underwater to surprise them.

They returned just after 1pm and all of them could not stop talking about how much fun they had had on the trip and that Lanta Kayaking was an absolutely amazing company and their tour guides were amazing.
Celebrating a great day out.
Many thanks to Lanta Kayaking for making the tour so special for our guests and please remember if you are travelling in a group we can often negotiate a private tour for the same price, or less in this case, as joining a tour.

Big thanks to Sara, for sending us such a wonderful group and congratulations on her wedding.

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