Saturday, 13 January 2018

Children's Day

Gin, Sao, Kai 2, Kai 1 and Ya
Yesterday, was Children's Day in Thailand. Every year there is a special event held for the children, in Koh Lanta, with games, shows and free gifts from many of the businesses on Lanta. Every year we take part, but this year I was in Bangkok so was unable to help, so Gin (our Hotel Manager) took Sao, Kai 1, Kai 2 and Ya (our cleaners and handyman).
The doughnuts were free for the kids
This year we bought 500 doughnuts and they were all gone in less than 2 hours! (I cannot imagine what it is like after this event for the parents!).
Whilst I was at the airport waiting for our flight back from Bangkok, Fighter jets were circling over the airport, doing lots of acrobatics. As we were about to take off, we saw that on the military airport, next to Don Muang, they were loads of children enjoying the special event being held just for them by the military.

Happy Children's Day to all the Children around the world!

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