Saturday, 6 January 2018

She said Yes!

A thank you from some guests

Well this has been quite a couple of weeks. It started with a man asking me to help him organise a Wedding anniversary breakfast for him and his partner. So we organised breakfast on their balcony, a fruit platter and flowers. They were so happy they gave me one of the roses as a thank you!

Then we had a boyfriend who was concerned his girlfriend was really sick and needed some good quality medical advice, took them to my own doctor on the island and the next day she was feeling much better and I was rewarded with wine and chocolate!

Yesterday was a guests birthday and his girlfriend wanted a cake and somewhere special to eat on the beach. I told them a cake was going to be tricky, but I might be able to get them a table at one of the best hotel's on the islands restaurant. Not only were we able to sneak them in (they were nearly full), the restaurant staff sang 'Happy Birthday' as they delivered the quickly made and decorated cake!
Emerald Cave was where she said yes!

But today is the one I was really excited about. Today we sent a couple on a private 4 island tour with Kantiang Tours. Secretly we packed some flowers, Champagne and glasses. I gave the gentleman my dry bag to keep his camera and other special things in whilst he and his girlfriend swim through the Emerald Cave to the hidden beach inside.

Whilst they were in there, he asked the guide to take a photo and as soon as he did, he dropped to his knees and asked her to marry him! Luckily for him and all of us, she said yes!
A surprise free upgrade for the lovely couple!

Unbeknownst to both him and his future wife, whilst they were away, we moved all their luggage from a Standard fan Bungalow to an Air Con Bungalow, which our staff decorated with flowers.

We love making people happy, we enjoy working with out guests to surprise their loved ones and we are more excited than they are most of the time.

We would like to wish Peter and Anton, many more happy wedding anniversaries and Georg and Nicole a wonderful future together.

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