Saturday, 3 February 2018

Walking Street in Old Town, Koh Lanta

Yesterday was my birthday, so luckily for me I had the day off and as it was also the walking street night in Old Town, we decided to spend the night over there.
Old Town during Walking Street Night

Old Town lies on the east coast of Koh Lanta and has a very different feel to the rest of Koh Lanta. Most of the buildings are made of wood (almost giving it a wild west feel), half are over the sea and sunrises are spectacular here (especially if you stay in a room over the sea).
Fresh Hotel over the Sea
 Old Town is much quieter, normally, compared to the rest of Lanta, only getting really busy when the Laanta Lanta festival is held there (March 7-9) and Loy Krathong, but this year they started a walking street every Saturday night. At around 4pm they shut the main road to vehicles and the bars and restaurants put tables and chairs on the road. Many bars have bands and ladies from the local school entertain the tourists with some traditional Thai dancing.

Our bedroom for the night
We arrived early afternoon and checked into a beautiful room over the sea (Fresh Hotel) and enjoyed lunch at Fresh Restaurant (also over the sea, with stunning views and great view).
Sausage now lives at Big Tree Restaurant & Bar
Big Tree Restaurant and Bar

After lunch we went to Big Tree Restaurant and Bar to say 'Hi' to the owners, good friends of ours, and of course Sausage, the now famous 3 legged wild sausage dog who was rescued by the residents of Old Town, repaired by Lanta Animal Welfare and homed by Big Tree. Sausage now has a huge fan club, the volunteers at Lanta Animal Welfare often come to see her, and she is winning over the tourists. One guest bought her one of Big Tree's delicious hamburgers whilst they ate there and left more money so she could enjoy another the next day!
Old Town Cowboy

Red Earth was the band of the night at Old Town Cowboy
At sunset, the band, Red Earth started opposite Old Town Cowboy and the crowds grew. As the band were finishing their first set, Elvis (yes you read that right!) walked into the bar and the crowd cheered. This was Elvis's first night in Old Town and I don't think it could have gone better for him (think he prefers it to Las Vegas!). Elvis normally does just one hour, but extended it as the audience was really enjoying the show.
Elvis arrives in Old Town

After Elvis the Red Earth struck up some more tunes but were interrupted twice by a small group of ladies from the local school, dressed in traditional outfits and performing some traditional and beautiful Thai dancing and then a wonderful fire dancer. Even Sausage wandered up to Old Town Cowboy to watch.

It was an amazing and fun night and I cannot recommend it enough if you happen to stay on Lanta on a Saturday night.

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