Monday, 5 February 2018

Big things to see from Koh Lanta

Whalesharks spotted at Koh Haa 1 & 6
Koh Lanta is not only a great place to learn to dive, but it is a great location to continue your diving, as the waters are clear, the seas calm and there is plenty to see.

Manta Rays sometimes seen at Hin Muang/Daeng
Koh Lanta is blessed with 3 key areas for diving nearby; Koh Haa (5 islands, but there are 6) is a group of islands offering a shallow sandy shelf (ideal for your first ever SCUBA dive), caverns and caves which are large and safe to explore and beautiful marine life. Near Koh Phi Phi, the dive centres here normally dive the 2 Koh Bida islands (Bida Nai and Bida Nok) a Divemaster's heaven because there is so much to show your guests in the slightly greener water (which nourishes the marine life). Finally there is Hin Daeng and Hin Muang (Red Rock and Purple Rock) which are named after coral that is on top of them and are much further south and only available to more experienced divers because of the deeper waters and stronger currents and the usual location to see Whalesharks and Manta Rays

Koh Haa Lagoon (Perfect 1st Dive)
This week has been a great week for diving here, with Andaman Dive Adventures seeing a Guitar Shark (something I have never seen in my 16 years of diving and teaching diving) on Wednesday at Koh Haa 1 and at Koh Haa 6 on Sunday. Tuesday there was a Whaleshark at Bida Nok and on a larger one spotted at Koh Haa on Friday!
Guitar shark
So you don't need to be an experienced diver on Koh Lanta to see some big stuff! Contact Andaman Dive Adventures for more information.

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