Friday, 29 April 2016

Running out of space!

So it happened again! One of our guests, whilst out drinking in another village, saw a little kitten, and decided it did not have a mum and brought it home with them! However, the kitten was very young and rather than let us know or take directly to Lanta Animal Welfare, they left it in our restaurant overnight.

When the staff found it in the morning, the little kitten was extremely frightened and when I checked it over, I knew that it needed to go straight to Lanta Animal Welfare. The kitten had to stay there for nearly 2 weeks where they nursed it back to health, but they do not have the space to keep the kitten and so we have offered to take it. Well I say we, I mean me, Nick is very unhappy!

Nick and I both love animals, but guests please be aware, we have enough! We cannot take anymore animals on and it is not a good idea to leave an injured animal on my resort, and take it away from maybe it's owners and it's mum! If you find an animal injured, take it to Lanta Animal Welfare or ask them to check it out.

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