Saturday, 9 April 2016

Good Food @ Kandi Lounge

Last night Nick was keen to watch the football and Kandi Lounge seemed the perfect option. Walking distance from the resort in the centre of the village, with seating inside and out and large TV screens. Nick was happy he could watch the game and I enjoyed a nice glass of wine.
However I was struggling with where I was sitting, it was right next to the Barbeque! The smell from the barbeque was magnificent and clearly Mark's (the owner) food was making an impact on all. Every table was ordering as soon as they saw and/or smelt the delicous food Mark had cooked for another table. Big burgers, mouthwatering ribs and kebabs.

Now I was not hungry when I sat down, but watching and smelling the food being made changed that! So I thought I would order the kebab as I wasn't hungry enough for the massive burger.

When the food was served I was a little taken aback, clearly Mark thought he was feeding an army! 2 enourmous kebabs with big chunks of chicken, pepper, onion and tomatoe, chunky chips, coleslaw and my favourite, corn on the cob. Everything was cooked to perfection and the BBQ sauce delicious. However there was way too much for just me, so Nick and our friend Tony eagerly grabbed a fork to help me finish it.

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