Wednesday, 6 April 2016

4 Island Tour

Dtum & her husband on the boat
One of the most popular day trips from the island is the 4 Island Tour. This tour, unsurprisingly takes you to 4 islands, based to the south of the Koh Lanta in the Koh Lanta National Park.

Today 2 of our Chinese guests and our receptionist (Dtum) and her husband decided to join the excursion.

Snorkeling with Sergent Major Fish
During the tour, you get the chance to snorkel with the fishes, visit some beautiful beaches, have lunch and of course, the highlight of the tour, visit Emerald Cave (Morakot Cave).
The Entrance to Emerald (Morakot) Cave

Emerald Cave is spectacular, you swim through a cave (about 50 metres) and on the other side of the cave is a beautiful hidden beach which is inaccessible any other way. Only accessible at low tide and surrounded by cliffs, some say it was the original inspiration for the film, 'The Beach.'
The Hidden Beach at Emerald Cave

You can take the tour on one of 2 types of boats; Large ferry, speedboat, or the most popular choice, the traditional Thai longtail. Dtum and our guests chose the longtail experience with Green Group Tours.

A Traditional Thai Longtail Boat
If you are interested in booking this tour or any others whilst you stay with us, come and talk to myself, Nick, Dtum or Gin, our Hotel Manager, for honest advice on choosing the right tour for you.


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