Monday, 11 April 2016

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow, April 13th, is probably one of my most favourite days of the year. It is Songkran or Thailand's traditional New Year.

Songkran is celebrated by the throwing or sprinkling of water over your friends and family, as a blessing. Over time it has developed into the largest water fight you have ever seen. In places such as Chaing Mai or Bangkok, these celebrations can go on for 3 to 5 days.

Luckily, in Lanta, we celebrate for one day, but what a day! Usually it starts about midday, but it is always amusing to see one child standing by the side of the road, fully armed, at 8am! By mid-afternoon, the party is in full swing, with many bars ensuring they have a large supply of water and loud music. Cars stream up and down the island, fully laden with people and water, and it is literally impossible to stay dry! It is the only day the beaches are empty, the party is always on the main streets.

Usually at least twice a day, the fire service drive down the island drenching anyone nearby.

This time of year is the hottest, and with the humidity growing as we move into Green Season, everyone,  Thai or Western is feeling the heat. I cannot think of a better way to cool down!

Sawasdee Pi Mai (Happy New Year)

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