Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Table

Yesterday, 2 of our guests tried a new restaurant on our island, called 'The Table.'

'The Table' only has one table and all the guests who book eat together. There is no menu but you are served a range of modern Thai cuisine. The idea is that you get to eat food you may have never tried and share the experience with other people you don't know.

I love the concept, but my husband, the fussy eater, was not keen, so I have been waiting for his parents to arrive so that I can try it.

Well Sarah and her new husband Gareth, loved the experience, Dew the chef and Peter her partner made them feel very welcome and the other guests were really entertaining.

Sarah and Gareth said that even the fussy eater would have found plenty to eat. There was more than enough. Dew welcomed everyone with a glass of Sangria and served:

1. Bacon and Mushroom Laab (Thai spicy salad)
2. Red Curry Chicken with herbed rice
3. Fish in Coconut soup and Tamarind leaves
4. Sweet and Sour fish and rice
5. Chinese sausage with a spicy salad
6. Fresh fruit and some Thai sweets to finish

Gareth gushed over all the food and the ambience but he particularly enjoyed the fruit selection, most of which he had never tried.

If you are staying with us and you would like to book, just ask reception. The booking is non-refundable (there are very limited places) but at the moment they have a great deal for a wonderful evening.

Thank you Peter & Dew for making our guests so happy,


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