Friday, 1 January 2016

Extra beds and extra people

Dear Guests

We want you to enjoy your stay with us, so please be aware there are limitations on how many people can be booked into each room.

The Cozy bamboo bungalow is only big enough for 2 people, we do not recommend this room even if you have a small child or baby, as there is no room for an extra bed or cot and the bathroom is small.
Cozy Bamboo Bungalow for 2 people only

The Standard Fan Bamboo Bungalow and the Air Con Bungalow is suitable for only 2 people (a small child under 4 years can share the bed with their parents but no breakfast is included), both types of rooms can have an additional beds or cot added, but this must be booked in advance.
Standard Fan Bamboo bungalow can accommodate an extra bed/cot (3 people max)

Air Conditioned Bungalow can accommodate an extra bed/cot (3 people max)

The Family Bungalow has 2 bedrooms  (1 with a double bed and 1 with 2 single beds). This bungalow can accommodate an extra small child (under 4 years), for free, if sharing an existing bed, but no breakfast is required. An extra bed or cot can be added to this room, but it must be booked in advance.
The Family Bungalow has a double bedroom can have an extra bed/cot added to the room

The Family Bungalow has a twin bed room that cannot accommodate an extra bed/cot

The baby cot (for babies only) is provided free of charge, but must be booked,  no breakfast is included.  The extra bed is chargeable and can be booked with or without breakfast and must be booked in advance.

If we are not notified of extra bed or cot requirements,  we cannot guarantee we will be able to provide one at short notice and we therefore may not be able to allow you to stay in the room.

We hope our guests understand this is needed to ensure we are able to fulfil your needs and to prevent the room being damaged because it's capacity has been exceeded.

Always email us, for good honest advice about whether our room will meet your needs.


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