Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy Children's Day

Today, 9th January, is Children's Day in Thailand.

In Lanta a huge fete was organised with many hotels and companies offering presents (food, drinks, toys, games, books, pens etc) and organising games for the children of the island (and those from abroad).

There was a huge stage where there were many Thai dancing and music performances and a raffle, only for the kids, of prizes gifted by many organisations.

We at Mook Lanta decided to run a stand, giving away probably 60 writing books, 100 pens, 20 boxes of crayons, 50 rulers and 200 doughnuts. They all lasted about an hour, so Gin and I looked around and we had only balloons left, so for the next 30 minutes we blew up balloons till our lungs nearly exploded!

It was great fun, but exhausting and lovely to see the island get together for this special day.

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