Monday, 18 January 2016

Please drive carefully

We mainly keep our blog for good news but today I have something very sad to report.

4 people died yesterday, one of them we had only known for a couple of hours. As far as we are aware it was not the fault of any of the deceased. 3 people were Thai and one was German, he had rented his bike at a tour agency only hours before. The police are investigating but yet again, it raises the question of renting motorbikes in Thailand.

Today, I nearly made the decision to stop renting bikes to our guests, as I have had a big accident, a friend of mine had a big accident and I have personally had to help a severely hurt man and tell him his fiance is dead. Today my husband told a mother that her 21 year old son had died.

I have decided to keep renting the bikes, because we do take your safety seriously, we ensure you understand the rules of the road here in Thailand and we try to ensure that you are able to manage the bike safely and sensibly. If I don't rent you a bike, you will probably go somewhere that will and who will not give you the same level of guidance. As with today, it does not have your be your fault, when there is an accident, there are many people on Lanta driving bikes for the first time and taxi drivers in too much of a hurry.

So here are some simple rules:

 - Always wear a helmet, yes it is nice to have the wind in your hair, but seriously!
 - Don't drink and drive, most bars are walking distance to your resort, and a tuk tuk is cheaper than an ambulance.
 - Always keep to the left, a beep from another driver is asking your to move to the left. Never stop in the middle of the road, if you need to turn right pull over to the left and wait till the road is clear to cross.
 - Avoid water in the roads here, puddles are very deep and the easiest way to have an accident or damage the bike.
 - Remember everyone else on the road probably has no idea about driving a bike and the rules of the road, so asssume everyone else is an idiot.
 - Speed is a killer, you are on holiday, chill and drive slowly
 - Finally if you are not sure if you can handle a bike, don't!

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  1. Oh Melissa and Nick - this post brought tears to my eyes. How absolutely awful. You are right to blog about this and to make people aware of the dangers of renting a motor bike in Thailand. By having them available to rent at your resort at least you are in a position to advise. I've seen lots of bike accidents during the time we have been in Thailand and in the few weeks we've been here on Koh Tao and everyday without fail see people, the walking wounded, bandaged and limping, who have been involved in bike accidents - who say it wasn't even their fault - and they are the lucky ones. My thoughts are with you and everyone affected by this at Mook Lantra and with the poor believed families. This is just so sad. Have shared to my FB page. :(