Monday, 4 March 2019

Organising a Special Occasion?

Special breakfast organised for a couple's Wedding Anniversary
There is nothing we love more at Mook Lanta, than organising a special event for our guests.
Today I got a email from a mother who wanted to surprise her son and his girlfriend. I asked Jo for more information to help me advise better and it turns our that the lovely couple has not seen each other for 6 months and she wanted to do something romantic for them, maybe a restaurant, but her son was also a vegetarian.

So that made my job easy, Red Snapper Restaurant in Phra Ae (Long Beach) is only a short walk from us, perfect for a romantic date and fully caters for both vegans and vegetarians (as well as doing a mean stake!).
Bed decorated to add to the surprise
So when they come back from the 4 island trip today, they have a lovely surprise awaiting them in their room!

If you need help or just advice on what you can do on Koh Lanta to celebrate a special day, talk to me directly. We have helped organise weddings, birthday surprises, cakes,flowers, dinner reservations, private tours and much much more!

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