Saturday, 23 March 2019

How can you support Earth Hour whilst on Holiday?

Next Saturday is Earth Hour and even though you might be on holiday in Thailand, there is no reason whilst you cannot participate and help support this fantastic Worldwide event.

Thailand has significant energy, waste and water issues and tourism makes issues even more problematic. Sometimes the demand just outstrips supply, but there are some small things you can do to help:
Solar Lights, light up our walkways
Switch off lights
Turn off the lights you are not using, not just for Earth Hour, but every time you leave your room. We use Solar lights for our walkways to reduce our electricity needs.

Air Conditioning
Obviously turn off your air conditioning if you are not in the room, but also shut windows and doors to ensure it is able to run efficiently when you have it on. A well-serviced air con unit will cool a room in minutes. Have it run a couple of degrees higher than you would normally set it. this will also help you acclimatize.
Water is a precious commodity in Thailand and we often do face periods of drought (many hotels use their own wells as do we), so use water conservatively. Have showers not baths. Turn taps off. Ask your hotel if they give free water if you have your own water bottles (rather than buy more plastic water bottles), we only give our guests 1 water bottle each, but we offer endless refills.
Our guests leave their sunscreen etc for others to use

Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle
Dispose of your rubbish in recycling bins if possible, refuse plastic bags and reuse water bottles if you can.

We recycle all our plastics, glass, cans and cardboard at our resort. Our guests don't throw away their sunscreen, shampoos, mosquito sprays and beach toys, they leave them for other guests to use. Ask your resort if they do the same.

Our guests clean the beach for Earth Hour, and we recycled it for them
Beach Clean Ups
Join an organised beach clean up,  we sponsor Trash Hero's on Lanta who do every Sunday on Lanta, or just pick up a bit of rubbish whilst you are on the beach.

A small change in your habits will help us all in the long run.

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