Monday, 11 December 2017

So why do you call you resort an Eco Resort?

It is a question we get regularly asked and for good reason. When we first decided to change the name to Mook Lanta Eco Resort, Nick was insistent that I check what I need to do in order to justify the name.

So I searched online and frankly was quite disappointed. There seems to be no universally accepted criteria (although some organisations have tried to create them) and many resorts used the name without any justification.

Nick and I were determined that whenever we were asked this question, we should be able to respond with multiple points that justified the name.

But we were also clear that we wanted our guests to no be unduly affected by the changes and to perhaps encourage other resorts to follow in our practices.

So why do we call ourselves an Eco Resort?

1. Recycling is a huge part of our ethos. We recycle all our cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and glass.
2. We only provide one water bottle per person at the beginning of their stay, but allow them to fill it up, as much as they like whilst they are here.
Our guests went to the beach and picked up rubbish
3. We love our upcycling, so our old shutters are new tables for the balconies, old roofs are now beautiful fencing, a recycling point and a new motorbike shelter.
I spent an afternoon picking up Rubbish
4. Use linen laundry bags not plastic ones.
5. Use dispensers, for shampoo and bodywash, instead of tiny bottles.
6. Service our air conditioning units regularly so they don't waste electric.
7. Food waste is given to our own animals or the dogs at the temple.
8. We participant in Beach Clean Ups and encourage our customers to bring litter back to the resort.

9.We encourage our guests to donate their sunscreen, mosquito spray etc to others rather than throw it away.
10. Support Lanta Animal Welfare and all their great work for the island. 
11. Encourage our guests to leave their unwanted beach toys for other guests and any left are given to the Children of the Forest.
Unwanted toys given to other guests or donated to Children of the Forest
and much much more! 

But best of all, I now struggle to answer this question at first, because it is so normal to us, that we cannot understand why every other resort is not doing it too!

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