Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bienvenu Le Jimmy!

When Nick and I took over the resort in May 2013, we had no idea what we were undertaking, but we knew one thing; we had a return customer, who was French and we had to reserve G2 for him for November and January.

Etienne, or Le Jimmy as we affectionately call him, speaks virtually no English and I speak very little French, but we instantly became friends, communicating in 'frenglish.' He comes twice a year, every year for 3 weeks at a time and we, our staff and the locals at the bar love him.

Our waiter knows that the first thing he wants in the morning is an ashtray, our chef makes his breakfast without asking him, because she knows what he likes, Gin ensures he has the motorbike he loves, Sao, our cleaner tidies his room just the way he likes it and we make sure there is space at the bar in the evening.

Mook Lanta Eco Resort would not feel the same without Le Jimmy and he is the first of many returnees this high season.

Welcome back Etienne xxxx

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