Thursday, 2 November 2017

Happy Loy Krathong

Today, on Koh Lanta we are celebrating Loy Krathong.

This is an annual festival celebrated on the night of full moon in the 12th lunar month in the Thai calendar.
They are released at high tide
The Krathong is traditionally made from banana tree bark and decorated with flowers and leaves, you are supposed to put a piece of yourself in the basket (usually nail clippings and/or hair) and then you release it at high tide into the sea (or river). This process is to wash away your bad luck and you  make a wish that hopefully the water spirits will honour. Because of the sheer number of Krathongs released every year, most places ban the use of the Krathongs that use styrofoam and other plastic products, as these do not decompose and clog up rivers and pollute the seas.
They made one specially for Nick & I
This year, as every year, our staff have made Krathongs for our guests to purchase and release at the Casuarina Park Festival only a 10 minute walk from the resort.

Made by our staff
Happy Loy Krathong to everyone!

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