Saturday, 1 April 2017

Meeting new friends at The Table

I have wanted to eat at 'The Table' for a long time. The Table is a restaurant with a twist, there is only one table and there is no menu.

Klangchai, the owner, visits the market on the day and looks for locally sourced meat, fruit and vegetables that she can create authentic Thai dishes from. This gives people a chance to try different types of Thai food.
Klangchai (in the middle) with 2 assistants
Klangchai cooks the food, with an assistant and Peter, her partner welcomes the guests.
There are 5 courses and when each course is presented, Klangchai provides some information about the meal, it's name, the region of Thailand it comes from and what it contains. Every course was different, delicious, and not too spicy (much to my brother's delight) and there was plenty to eat.

But the reason I will return and recommend it time and again is because it is a lovely way to meet new people. There were 13 people at The Table that night and whilst we did not speak to all at the table, the 5 next to us, were funny, entertaining and from all over the world.

I would thoroughly recommend The Table, to my friends, family and guests, especially those that want to meet new people and enjoy trying something new.

Thank you Klangchai and Peter for a wonderful night, I will be returning soon!

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