Friday, 28 April 2017

Big Mook Lanta Thank You!

We have had a superb High Season and we are looking for a fun-packed, but a little bit more relaxed Green Season.

All through High Season our guests have been leaving their beach toys, mats, games etc with us so that other's can enjoy them. Throughout the season I have seen children (and adults) sneak to the box to borrow a bucket and spade, a boogie board, a football and more.

At the end of April every year, the Children of the Forest Foundation, come to the island to enable the children they look after to have a holiday. The Children of the Forest look after orphaned Burmese children (and those left by their parents) on the Thai side of the Burma/Thailand border. These children have no rights in Thailand, they cannot gain asylum or gain citizenship and so have no access to healthcare, schooling and employment.

Children of the Forest provide a safe shelter for these children and offer them schooling. healthcare and food.

Every year they ask the people of Koh Lanta to help and each year, hotels give free rooms, restaurants provide food and boat companies provide boat trips. The local and expat community also give clothes, toys and sweets for the children.

So Mook Lanta has taken all the toys etc left by our guests, as well as gifts donated by our guests and ourselves to Time For Lime Cookery School, where the children will be enjoying a day at the beach. Our bags were full of:
  1. A Boogie Board
  2. Water Guns
  3. Football
  4. Bats and a ball
  5. Fins
  6. 2 Bucket and spades (the deluxe versions with everything you could imagine)
  7. Lifejackets
  8. Beach Shoes
  9. Arm Bands
  10. Mask and snorkels
  11. and much much more!
Thank you for helping us to REDUCE our use of plastic toys, REUSE the toys you have bought and RECYCLE them to help kids who have never had a day at the beach. We still have the box at reception and are happy to receive donations which will be shared with our guests and these lovely kids next year.

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