Wednesday, 22 June 2016

We have been a bit busy!

Whilst we were closed for 3 weeks in May and since then, we have been busy making some updates and changes to our resort.

Our Fan Bungalows all used to have bamboo roofs, but we found that they only lasted a short period of time and were unable to stand up to the strong storms we can sometimes have here. So we have now replaced them all. The Cozy Fan Bamboo Bungalows now have a higher roof in the bathrooms, making the room feel much larger and some shade offered over the balconies. The Standard Fan Bamboo Bungalows had the ceilings renewed and a spruce up with some paint.

All of our Air Con Bungalows have now been redecorated with our company colours and there have been some modifications in the rooms, to improve the overall look of the rooms.

All our staff have been busy, painting, staining and varnishing our tables and chairs (in the bar, restaurant and rooms) and the bar itself.

Big thank you to all our staff who helped to make our resort look beautiful (and thanks to the rain for making the gardens green).

Why not come and see for yourself?

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