Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Welcome to the Green Season!

Many people think that the Green Season (end of May until October) is just all about rain. Actually, for the most part, the weather is hotter and less humid than the rest of the year.

Normally we will experience 2 storms of between 2-3 weeks at the beginning and end of the season, some of which can be heavy downpours and some of which can be raining for a few hours in the night. The rest of the time is hot and calm.

We are enjoying that weather (hot and calm) right now and this has soothed the seas and is making for some beautiful snorkelling and diving. Only yesterday, we had 2 of our guests go out and they saw; a pod of dolphins, Leopard sharks, Turtles and Cuttlefish. 'It was spectacular,' they said and 'we never thought that we could see that much whilst snorkelling.'

And of course the real wonder of Green Season....... the rooms are exceptionally cheap!

So what are you waiting for?

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