Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Monkeying Around!

The monkey's jumped on the Longtail for food & a lift along the mangroves.
So Debbie & Stuart wanted just a half day tour for their last trip and chose the Half Day Kayaking in the Mangroves Tour with Lanta Eco Tour.
A Tradtional Thai Fishing Boat (Longtail)
After being picked up at our resort, they were taken to a pier on the east coast of the island, where they jumped on a longtail (Thai fishing boat) which took them through the mangroves to Koh Aung. On the way there, they were greeted by some cheeky and hungry monkeys who jumped aboard and checked out the food on the boat. Debbie was quite taken aback at how picky the monkeys were!
They left Koh Aung by Kayak and made their way to Koh Talebeng, where they stopped for fruit and drinks. 
Kayaking in the Mangroves
On the way back from Koh Talebeng to Lanta, they saw yet more hungry monkeys.

This cheeky chappie was not going to take just anything from Debbie
What did they like?

The Mangroves are beautiful
- That we recommended the half day tour, it was a hot sunny day and that was enough sun for them.
- The monkeys, very friendly and not aggressive which they were surprised about.
- Practically a private tour, as they only shared the longtail with one other couple.
- The guide who took photos for them and explained the local plants and fruits.

Friendly Captain and Helpful Guide
Last adventure tomorrow, when Stuart and Debbie try a different dining experience tomorrow at The Table.

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