Thursday, 13 December 2018

A Unique Dining Experience

So for Debbie and Stuart's last night they thought they would try something different, so they booked 3 seats at The Table, 1 seat for me!

Debbie & Stuart's Last Night
The Table is a unique dining experience, there is just one table (that seats up to 12 people) and there is no menu. Dew, the owner and chef, visits the local market finds local fresh ingredients and cooks some traditional thai dishes from all over Thailand.
Range of Craft Beers available
The diners arrive around 7pm and are welcomed by Dew, and her partner Peter. Peter is your wine and beer expert and advises you on what will suit the meal tonight.

Tonight there were 4 dishes and as each was presented, Dew explains the dish and it's origins.
Me, Dew and Debbie
Tonight we dined on:

A very sociable event
- Seafood Miange (fish and shrimps served in a lettuce parcel and with a spicy chilli dip
- Seabass curry and fried chicken livers and rice
- Slow cooked chicken in a red curry with young bananas and fried pork belly and rice
- Fresh local fruit 
Slow cooked red chicken curry
Debbie and Stuart really enjoyed the chance to try new thai food and the amount of food provided.
A great chance to meet new people
They also really enjoyed meeting other people from all over the world

I would like to thank Debbie and Stuart for sharing their photos and experiences with me, wish them a safe journey home and hope we see them again soon!

Farewell to an Old School friend!

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