Sunday, 18 March 2018

Manta Rays and Whalesharks spotted at Koh Haa

Manta Ray
Diving in the Andaman Sea, just off Koh Lanta, is always good, as our waters are crystal clear and as well as a plethora of aquatic life, we also have caverns, caves and swim-throughs to enjoy.
Koh Haa 3
But yesterday was a little different at Koh Haa, the most popular of our SCUBA diving and snorkelling destinations, when several dive centres reported sightings of both Manta Rays and a Whaleshark! Whalesharks are huge (over 4 metres long) and plankton eaters, so everyone wants to get in the water with them when they are here.
Koh Haa (5 islands) is comprised of 6 islands! (yes that is not a typo) and is ideal for both experienced and new divers, with swimming-pool conditions in the shallow lagoon between the islands, but we also have much deeper areas with cathedral like caves
Learn to Dive and maybe see a Manta or Whaleshark!
If you are coming to Thailand to dive, be sure to add Koh Lanta to your itinery.
It is possible to see them snorkeling too!
 Both the owners of Mook Lanta Eco Resort are divers, Mellisa is a diving instructor and an ex dive centre owner on the island, so if you need any help or advice please feel free to email us.

Leopard Sharks (not dangerous - check out the mouth) are also seen regularly


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    1. Thank you Stephy, we try to let people know what is currently going on, on the island.