Saturday, 14 November 2015

Tasters & Teasers

Located within Phra Ae (Long Beach) village means we are able to walk to many great restaurants; Traditional Thai, French, Pizzeria,  Bakeries, Swedish, BBQ,  Seafood, British and German. But for us, having Red Snapper Restaurant as our neighbours is a real bonus.

Ed and Joyce are fantastic chefs, with many years of experience, cooking fine dining for discerning guests. When they opened Red Snapper they spent a long time sourcing excellent ingredients in order to design dishes that were affordable yet delicious.

Every now and again, they like to challenge themselves and their guests with new and experimental dishes. Friday, the 13th, was another mission for them, changing a traditionally unlucky day, when some hide indoors, into a fun culinary experience.

For one night only, they offered a 7 course menu, designed to tease your taste buds. We were not disappointed. Some guests had joined us for this wonderfully delicious night and everyone really enjoyed the experience.

For me, the dish of the day was the Black Cod, I have never had fish that literally melted in the mouth and was wonderfully complimented with a spinach dumpling and a tasty Chorizo bleurre blanc.

Gnocchi with Mushroom and Truffle jam
Black Cod with a spinach dumpling and a Chorizo Beurre Blanc

For Nick, he could not decide between the succulent Lamb Chop, with a Bacon Larb (spicy and meaty Thai salad), or the Duck Prosciutto salad (which he liked so much he took some home!).
Duck Prosciutto Salad

They had also taken the time to build a wine collection that complimented each dish, so of course I needed to try as many as possible!

Today, they are back to their normal tasty menu, but you won't be disappointed, with the quality or the price. Try it tonight!

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