Friday, 9 October 2015

Something a little different.

Someone once explained to me, the difference between a Chef and a Cook; A Chef creates a menu, designs flavours and challenges your tastebuds, whereas a Cook recreates dishes. Last night I had the pleasure to eat food cooked by 2 great Chefs (Ed and Joyce).

Mook Lanta Eco Resort, is lucky enough to have Red Snapper Restaurant right next door, throughout the week they serve delicious Tapas and beautifully constructed Western style food. The ambience is fantastic, the wine good and the food even better. It is our number one recommendation for celebrations or romantic dinners on the island.

Sometimes they like to challenge themselves and their guests, which is just what they did last night. Entitled 'Dutch Colonies,' Joyce explained that much of the history of the colonies was bad and what they wanted to show was how the travels the Dutch did, expanded their own culinary tastes.

The menu was split into 3 options; Indonesian, Suriname or South African food, none of which I had ever tasted. For only 250 baht you were given a sumptuous selection of Red Snapper's version of that country's food.

Nick and I chose South African, half of the 6 tasters on the menu we really had no idea what they were, but we thought we would give it a go and then maybe (as it was a small taster) try another country later. When the food arrived, the portion was much larger than we expected and we nervously tried some unknown foods. Wow, my favourite was the Bobotie (not just because it is a great name), a minced meat oven dish with egg custard topping! Nick more surprisingly, a renowned meat eater, loved the Chakalaka, a spicy veggie dish with white beans! Of all the 6 dishes we were given, there was nothing left at the end, and even more surprisingly (and disappointingly) we were full and did not have the space for another country's dishes.
South African Taster Plate

The place was full however, as many of the local expat community love these 'Special Nights' and 3 of our friends, who ate together, had each tried a different country and it was all reported as delicious.

My only disappointment of the night? Was I saw the Pornstar Martini (as special cocktail for the night) just as we were leaving. That would have made my night sparkle!
Indonesian Taster Plate

Thanks Ed and Joyce for a fantastic meal and I look forward to many more.


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