Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Happy Christmas

Santa left all our guests a present
 Well it has been hard work this Christmas, but we really enjoyed it.

Luckily we are able to contact Santa to ensure that all our guests received a present on Christmas morning. He does have to improvise though, as we don't have any Chimneys!

Buck's Fizz on offer Breakfast Morning
Throughout breakfast we played Christmas tunes and offered our guests Buck's Fizz (orange juice and champagne) and we all wished each other a Merry Christmas.

At 2pm, we shut the resort for 1 hour, whilst we exchanged presents with our staff. We play Secret Santa (we are each given a member of staff to buy a present for). Gin, as normal, was eyeing up the presents to ensure she got the best presents!

New Keyrings for the Room
However I got the best present from Gin, new room keys for the resort, something I have wanted for ages.
Nick in his new towel
As everyone opens their presents, I notice that Kai, one of our cleaners, was looking really disappointed with her present, a beautiful pink battery charger for her phone, that I had bought for her. I asked Gin what was the matter and she told me that Kai did not have a smart phone and so had no need for the charger. Gutted Nick and I rush out and buy her a much nicer and much more expensive purse, to make up for that mistake. She seemed quite pleased with this one.
Kai was much happier with her second present.
Luckily everyone checked in early, so Nick and I were able to head out for a few hours of Christmas for ourselves.
Partial Solar Eclipse on Boxing Day
Boxing day, 26th December, at 12.05pm, the skies became a little darker as we were experiencing a partial solar eclipse. 

I hope your Christmas was a much fun as ours and I hope you have an even more fabulous New Year.

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