Friday, 7 September 2018

Try something new!

Khao Soi Gai
Having lived on Koh Lanta for 12 years, I have tried quite a lot of Thai dishes but now I tend to pick the same dishes over and over again.

So I thought it would be an idea to explore Thai cuisine in a little more depth and try some different dishes that you too might want to give a go.
This week, May from May's Kitchen has selected Khao Soi for me. Khao Soi (Pronounced 'Cow Soy') is actually found in many Southeast Asian countries (Burma, Myanmar and Laos) but in Thai it is considered a Northern Thailand dish. In Thai the name means Street Rice (Khao - Rice, Soi - Street), but it may well be a variation of the word for noodle in Burmese.
Many different elements to a Khao Soi (The orchid is particular to May's Kitchen)
The Thai dish is traditionally a spicy coconut soup, similar to a Massaman, which has both boiled and deep fried egg noodles which gives a lovely texture to the dish. Alongside the main soup, there is usually, some chopped onion, coriander, bean sprouts, pickled greens and half a lemon. The dish is usually served with only vegetables (Pak), chicken (Gai), pork (Moo), beef (Nua).

May, has been a chef on Lanta for as long as I have lived on Lanta and as well as running a restaurant on Koh Lanta is about to open a new cookery school and she hopes that this dish will prove a popular dish to learn to cook. I wish her a great first season as a cookery teacher!

Why not try Khao Soi today? Why not try May's Kitchen today if you are on Lanta?

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