Friday, 24 August 2018

Driving Change

We, at Mook Lanta Eco Resort, have always tried to reduce the waste we produce:
Our guests leave their unfinished products for others to use
- We ask guests to refill their water bottles with us.
- We recycle all our plastic bottles, cans, glasses and cardboard.
- We use dispensers in the rooms for Shampoo and bodywash.
- We change linen once every 3 days (unless the guest needs it changing more regularly).
- We ensure all our air condition units are off when no one is in the room.
- We have solar lights along our walkway (and are increasing our solar use further this year).
- We no longer use plastic laundry bags, but have reusable bags in the rooms.
- We ask our guests to leave behind unfinished suntan lotion, shampoos etc and unwanted toys, so that others can use them.
We have reusable Laundry bags
But we are not the only ones, Koh Lanta has many people dedicated to reduce/reuse/recycle the waste on Lanta:
Trash Hero beach clean every Sunday on Koh Lanta
 - Trash Hero Lanta (who we sponsor) organise regular beach clean ups.
 - Auntie Bee's recycle waste packaging and turn it into funky new things.
Fans made from discarded Straws
 - 7/11 help with beach clean ups and are actively trying to reduce the plastic bags they give away and promote recycling.
 - Many other hotels and businesses are composting their waste, reducing/recycling their plastic waste.
Auntie Bee's make new funky bags from old Rice Sacks=
But not only Lanta is doing this, Thailand is trying to drive change:
7/11 trying to be part of the solution, not the problem
 - 7/11 have their first shop in Koh Tao where no plastic bags are given out.
 - Single use plastics have been banned from all National Parks.
 - Amazon Coffee, will discount your coffee if you bring your own cup.
 - The government has banned smoking on many popular beaches around Thailand.
 - The Tourist Association of Thailand is working with strategic partners to create sustainable tourism.
Discounts for those who bring their own cups at Amazon Cafe

But we have a long way to go! So help us create sustainable tourism in Thailand, by reducing/reusing/recycling your waste.

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