Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Countdown to Songkran

Only 9 more days until Songkran!

Possibly the most fun holiday of the year (in any country), Songkran is Thai New Year and is traditionally celebrated by blessing your loved ones with water. With time this has developed into a full blown waterfight on the streets!

Lanta only celebrates 1 day, which for most is more than enough (places like Chiang Mai celebrate for many days) and gives everyone the chance to celebrate this important and fun Thai holiday.

Most of the bars along the main road running from North to South in Koh Lanta, will order in more water (and some will add ice) and the party really starts around midday and last until the sunsets. Expect to get wet! Many cars will drive all the way up and down the island with people on the back with a large supply of water. If you cannot get on the back of a car, park yourself at a bar where there is a large supply of water.

 Make sure all your electronics are left at home or in a dry bag and make sure you have the best water gun on the street. Don't forget the sunscreen!

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