Sunday, 26 February 2017

Feedback is important

I know many people think that your comments on TripAdvisor,, Expedia or direct to us or other hotels are ignored, but here at Mook Lanta Eco Resort, we are always keen to listen to people's ideas.

Whilst we cannot act on every request, we do on many, or we come up with a better solution.

This has really helped us in the past:

- We bought toppers for the mattresses for those who like a softer bed.
- We added more mirrors to the rooms.
- We helped our guests recycle their used toys, toiletries etc with other guests.
- We limit the bar times, to ensure our guests get a good night sleep.
- We choose the tours we recommend, SOLELY on your feedback.
- We have added additional fans to rooms.
- We have improved the curtains in the fan bungalows.
- And we have fixed problems that we could not know about unless we slept in each room.

So this week, we listened to the request, by guests of more electric sockets in the rooms. But with every request we look at what people want and why and try to come up with the best solution. Most people want extra sockets to charge their phones and tablets, which all have a USB cable. So instead of just adding extra sockets to the rooms, we have bought electric sockets which also have a USB plug (so no need for a Universal plug) and offer more than enough sockets for all your devices.

Your feedback is really important to us, as there is no way we can sleep in every room, use every toilet and see what you see. Please do not be shy and tell us what would make your stay better. We cannot guarantee we will do it, but we will look into it.

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